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Treelinks are the UK’s leading IQF Fruit and vegetable, puree and concentrates supplier to UK manufacturers and artisan producers. Internationally recognised specialist in the procurement, distribution and marketing of high-quality frozen fruit and fruit-based ingredients.

Founded in 1983 the company has developed from its early roots as a processor of English sourced fruits to a major global supplier. Treelinks led the way in innovation and quality improvement through utilisation of laser scanning technology; this enabled the use of frozen fruit as a major ingredient in the UK food industry.

Our markets include: Preserves, Chutney & Relishes, Marmalades, Desserts, Alcoholic & Soft Drinks, Ready Meals, Smoothies, Ice Cream, yoghurt and many more.

We continue to develop our global supply chain management and product quality and coupled with our first-rate customer service we are…More than just fruit.

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“Treelinks endeavours to exceed its customers’ expectations in quality, customer service and cost, through global sourcing, continuous improvement, product innovation and a proactive approach to customers’ needs and requirements.”