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With the ever increasing demands to be “innovative” and provide “provenance”, it is vital that we have supply sources from around the globe to cover all our customer needs.
At Treelinks we have developed a global supply chain utilising operations from Chile to China, all meet UK & EU standards and have third party certification i.e. BRC, AIB, ISO and HACCP.

Technical Support

Treelinks provide technical support covering a wide range of areas allowing our customers to have the confidence that product received meets and exceeds all requirements.
We have a fully approved supply chain covering the growing stages to the finished material. Supplier quality assurance scheme adopted to ensure globally sourced material complies with all due diligence and legislative requirements.

Quality Assurance

  • Full traceability – field to fork approach where required
  • Pesticide analysis – for standard and organic products
  • Microbiological Analysis – full testing carried out on all fruits from all origins
  • UK Quality Control – goods inspected and sampled on arrival
  • Heavy Metal Testing – available on request
  • Specifications – available for all products

Global Sourcing from Around the World

Global Sourcing - Frozen fruit & frozen vegetables for jams, marmalades, chutney, relish, desserts, pies, ice cream, sorbets, yoghurts, drinks & smoothies