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IQF Fruit Supplier

IQF Fruit Supplier

We are an IQF fruit supplier conventional, organic and innovative fruits.  We source British frozen fruit and as well as frozen fruit from our approved global supply chain. We offer a variety of products from frozen damsons, frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, frozen raspberry and many more. Various product sizes and grade options available – whole, diced, sliced, halves, cultivated, wild, segments, chunks, crumb with named varieties and origins.

24-48 hour delivery options for frozen products which are held in the UK via nation-wide transporters – Langdon’s Chillnet.  We offer a ‘One Stop Fruit Shop’, from one carton to pallets, full or mixed pallet, we have options available to suit needs from large scale to medium/small manufacturing.  Single box deliveries or collections ex-store are also available.  We offer total supply chain solutions.

We specialise in frozen ingredients including fruits and also frozen vegetables, which include IQF products. We supply an extensive range of fruit and vegetable purees, aseptic purees, and fruit and vegetable aseptic juice concentrates. We also offer organic produce, British fruits and canned fruits.

For more information on our comprehensive ranges, please give us a call on: +44 (0) 1989 730255 or click here to get in touch.

IQF fruit supplier, Frozen fruit & frozen vegetables for jams, marmalades, chutney, desserts, pies, ice cream, sorbets, yoghurts, drinks & smoothies